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„Green Berets” for the soldiers of the Special Forces Battalion „Fulger” (video)

CHISINAU, May 3, 2023 — The Commander of the National Army, Brigadier General Eduard Ohladciuc, and Brigadier General Sergiu Cirimpei, handed over the “Green Beret”, the “Special Forces” badge and diplomas to a new batch of graduates of the Special Forces qualification course .

During the ceremony, General Ohladciuc congratulated the soldiers who passed all the training, trials and tests, they were trained according to a model developed by the leadership of the Special Forces Battalion “Fulger” (SFB), based on the best international practices in field.

According to the commander of SFB “Fulger”, Lieutenant-Colonel Constantin Cîșleanu, the qualification course for Special Forces, which lasted three months, included four modules held at several training grounds of the National Army.

The training program also included the execution of some complex exercises, specific to Special Forces missions, such as: marches, meetings to learn operating techniques and tactics, military topography, alpine training, crossing watercourses, survival, medical-military training and others.

It should be noted that only contract soldiers from the National Army can participate in the respective course, who, once the training sessions are completed, will be appointed to positions in the “Fulger” SFB.

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