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Defense Minister Anatolie Nosatîi and Secretary of State Valeriu Mija, working visits to Leova and Stefan Voda

CHISINAU, May 18, 2023 — Defense Minister Anatolie Nosatîi and Secretary of State Valeriu Mija today paid working visits to Leova and Stefan Voda, respectively.

Officials had several meetings with representatives of local public authorities, National Army institutions, and citizens.

The officials discussed with the civil servants about the real situation in the territory, the problems faced by the public authorities and the local residents, as well as about their cooperation with the staff of the Military Administrative Sections in the two districts in the organization of various important events with the participation of citizens, including those promoting military service.

During the dialogue they had with the military and civilian employees from the military-administrative bodies, Anatolie Nosatîi and Valeriu Mija also addressed the challenges of the process of incorporating young people into military service within the deadline, reiterating the need to combine efforts with the local public administration in promoting military-patriotic values among the younger generation to prevent cases of evasion from military service.

The agenda of the visits also included meetings with the staff of the branches of the Center for the Training of Specialists for the National Army, during which the officials documented the activity of the institution, the infrastructure, the working conditions and the training process of the military and civilian employees of the defense institution.

Also today, the Minister of Defense paid a visit to the Leova-Bumbata state border crossing bridge, where he talked with the group of National Army engineers, who, since the summer of last year, participated, together with Romanian soldiers, in the deployment actions of the elements of the pontoon bridge that will operationalize the Leova-Bumbata crossing point, and currently provides the bridge’s commissioning and maintenance service. Anatolie Nosatîi thanked them for the 24/7 effort they put into the construction works and for the effective collaboration they have with their colleagues from the Romanian army.

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