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The National Army announces the holding of the "Air Bastion" multinational exercise, a first for the Republic of Moldova

CHISINAU, May 25, 2023 — The National Army will conduct, between May 25 and June 2 this year, the combined international air defense exercise “Air Bastion-2023”, in order to ensure security measures during the second Summit of the European Political Community (EPC).

The exercise, planned according to the highest international standards, will take place at the training centers of the National Army and in the adjacent regions and will bring together over 200 Moldovan, French, British, Romanian and American soldiers.

The purpose of the “Air Bastion — 2023” exercise, which is being held for the first time in our country, is to train the air defense subunits of the National Army and increase the degree of interoperability between the partner countries participating in the exercise. Also, the military will ensure anti-aircraft protection of the objectives designated within the CPE.

The Ministry of Defense announces that the military equipment of the National Army, as well as that of the French and British armies, will be involved in the training.

We inform the public that military transport units will enter our country between May 25-27, through the Leuseni crossing point. The technical units will move along the route Leuseni — Chisinau — Bulboaca Military Training Base, being escorted by the military traffic police.

The training is part of the coordinated efforts of the institutions in the field of security and national defense necessary for the smooth conduct of the CPE Summit of the European Political Community on June 1 and the maintenance of safety and security measures throughout the territory of our country during the event.

NOTE: We inform the citizens that as a result of the participation in the “Aerial Bastion 2023” exercise, there will be movements of military equipment on the national territory.

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