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Military Parade Starts in Marii Adunari Nationale Square !

CHISINAU, August 27, 2011 — Military Parade on the 20th Anniversary of Republic of Moldova Independence Starts in Marii Adunari Nationale Square! This is the sentence to mark the beginning of the military parade, the main event of the 20th anniversary of Republic of Moldova Independence activities, Saturday, August 27.

The event started at 10 a.m. in Marii Adunari Nationale Square and brought together politicians from Chisinau and thousands of citizens from all over the country. The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Interim President Marian Lupu, and Prime Minister Vlad Filat, along with Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta, Commander of the National Army, Brigadier Gen. Iurie Dominic, and other Moldovan officials, followed the parade from the stage.

The commander of the parade, Brigadier Gen. Vitalie Stoian, owner of Commitment to Fatherland Order, and a group of standard-bearers carrying Republic of Moldova National Flag, the Ruler Flag and Stefan cel Mare’s Battle Flag, were the ones to start the parade.

Then, Minister of Defense Vitalie Marinuta welcomed all the 12 troops representing all the components of the Armed Forces. Thus, the military parade brought together over one thousand servicemen of the National Army, 91 veterans of the 1992 war, nearly 400 representatives of the Ministry of Interior, as well as over 120 employees of the Border Guard Service. The servicemen wore a new uniform and had a new marching typical of Western militaries.

The marching of the troops was followed by 65 military means of transport and weapons of the National Army used by the infantry, artillery troops, anti-air defense troops, peacekeeping and special forces. The military means of transport went through Marii Adunari Nationale Square with a five-kilometer speed and went back to their place through Stefan cel Mare, Ismail, Pan Halippa Streets, Hincesti Highway, Pietrarilor Street.

At the end of the military parade, the joint orchestra of Chisinau consisting of the Republic of Moldova Presidential Orchestra, the model band of the Ministry of the Interior, the military Orchestra of the Border Guard Service, the military orchestras of Stefan cel Mare Brigade and Alexandru cel Bun Military Academy, performed.

The Chisinau Legislative staff signed the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Moldova on August 27, 1991.

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