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Ministry of Defense Presents the Anniversary Album

CHISINAU, August 30, 2011 — “Army of the Republic of Moldova” Album was created as a visit card of the National Army, highlighting the history of the military system development throughout 20 year of existence, Deputy Minister of Defense, Igor Panfile stated Tuesday, August 30, during the above-mentioned album presentation and the opening ceremony of the international scientific conference “20th anniversary of the national military system”.

The event brought together local and international military experts.

The Deputy Minister of Defense stated this work is a real treasure of the National Army.

“The album is a first approach to the development of the Moldovan military system. The work is a joint effort of the national army system founders during different periods of time. This album reveals some memorable aspects of the history of foundation of the National Army, the process of its development and achievements. The work calls to respect those committed to their country and nation”, Deputy Minister Igor Panfile said.

The Chief of the National Army Museum, LTC Vitalie Ciobanu mentioned the perfect graphical presentation, the pictures chosen, the rich amount of fact and the high quality of the book shall be a great surprise for the readers.

“I believe this album is an outstanding achievement of the National Army. First, it is the result of the joint efforts of the National Army Museum employees. Second, such a work covering the major events in the National Army history is a need for us”, Ciobanu stated.

“Armata Republicii Moldova” (The Army of the Republic of Moldova) album is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the National Army and it was distributed free of charge to all people and institutions promoting the National Army image — Republic of Moldova embassies, national museums, as well as foreign officials accredited to Chisinau.

“Armata Republicii Moldova” (The Army of the Republic of Moldova) album contains nearly 200 pages. 1000 copies of the album were published both in Romanian and English languages.

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