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President’s Awards

CHISINAU, September 1, 2011 — The National Army is one of the pillars of statehood which a sovereign and independent cannot exist without, Republic of Moldova interim president stated Thursday, September 1, during the military awarding ceremony on the 20th anniversary of the National Army held at the Ministry of Defense.

The national awards were offered to National Army military and civilian staff for high responsibility at work, contribution to high quality training of units and subunits, as well as high professionalism.

Over 30 military and civil employees of the National Army were awarded “Credinta Patriei” medals (Commitment to Fatherland), 2nd and 3rd class, Order of Labor Glory, Medal of Military Merit, Medal of Civic Merit and Nicolae Testimitanu Medal.

The interim president also awarded such titles of honor as: “Master of Art” and “Outstanding Artist” to musicians of the presidential orchestra for the special efforts to the development of musical and playing art.

Marian Lupu stated servicemen had successfully promoted their values, traditions and opportunities despite all hardships the National Army had to face so far.

“The National Army’s current image is modern, for it includes a new military uniform, new European-based marching ad a new generation of officers trained in compliance with the required national values and commitment to their Fatherland”, the interim president said.

At the end, Marian Lupu congratulated the military and civilian staff on the National Army Day marked September 3. The official promised to keep supporting the army modernization efforts and changing it into a system able to fulfill important military security defense missions.

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