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Central Sports Club of the Army


The Central Sports Club of the Army (CSCA) has the mission to promote a healthy way of life, physical culture and sports among young people and military, as well as their participation in various national and international competitions.


The Central Sports Club of the Army includes the military-sports department which is promoting the National Army’s image at different competitions in the Republic of Moldova and abroad at: biathlon, weight lifting, martial arts, wrestling, canoeing, target shooting (compressed air), and judo.

The CSCA Sports School trains about 200 young people at the following: target shooting (compressed air), autocross, motocross, biathlon, radiosport, aeromodeling, wrestling, canoeing, weight lifting, sports games, nautical polyathlon, and martial arts.

The CSCA sportsmen are trained by emeritus instructors: Pavel Bria – biathlon, Ludmila Hudeeva – radiosport, Victor Buzurin – motoring, Masters of sports of international category: Igor Dementiev – aeromodeling, Vladimir Hudeaev – radiosport, and Masters of Sports: Svetlana Mocrieva – target shooting (compressed air), Alexandru Denesiuc – nautical polyathlon and Valeriu Railean – motosport.

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