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Center of Military History and Culture

The National Army has recently passed to a new quality of military history research and cultural elements promotion throught the establishment of the Center of Military History and Culture through Republic of Moldova Government No. 623 as of August 18, 2011, with the headquarters on 47 Tighina Street.

The mission of the center is the development of a fundamental investigation in this area and researches in the national culture and ethnography, diversification of cultural activities by means of different cognitive and entertainment projects.


— Popularization of military history, outstanding military personalities through monographic studies and works;

— Support of the development of scientific research withing the military institution through promotion of unknown national historical subjects;

— Organization of cultural events marking important moments of national history, art exhibitions, sculpture, methodical support for cultural institutions.

The Center also focuses on holding a life dialogue between the historical research and promotion of local, national and European culture. The institution organizes such scientific and cultural events as: symposia, sessions, exhibitions, concerts, and others.

The center deals mainly with military departments, experts and activity of researchers that are to decide about a particular topic to achieve some goals, with the focus on cooperation with similar famous national and international institutions.

The mission of the institution is the establishment of relationships and implementation of agreements aimed at remembering heroes and taking care of their graves in common with the Tribute to Heroes Service working within the center, as well as building these objectives at the level of the civil society, exchange of ideas with similar national and international institutions.

The results of the activity are included in Cohorta Military History Magazine and monographic works, studies, books, advertising materials, works containing conference and symposium presentations.

Along with the fundamental research of the military history and culture, the mission of the institution working under the Ministry of Defense is providing all the necessary specialty expertise to political and military decision-makers, improving the army personnel professional development through the application of the research results in the military education area.

An important branch of the institution is the Military Historiography and Museography, which is a new trend in the historic and museographical science of the Republic of Moldova, being represented by the Science Department and the Military Museum.

This area of investigation started in 1994 through the establishment of the military museum, which deals with the promotion of military historic science, as well as the evolution of the national military art. This is a scientific institution that gathers and stores cultural-historical goods and exhibits them for the sake of educating and entertaining the public.

The Museum considerably contributes to the selection, recovery and storage of materials of military interest.

Throughout its formation, the museum has made the efforts to gather, select and analyze the objects, as well as enrich the initial fund. Due to the archeological digging and investigatin, a huge amount of funds were added to its patrimony. The establishment of a military museum was highly appreciated by the scientific community of the Republic of Moldova. The exhibition of the museum is currently displayed in four rooms, in a chronological order. The institution also owns an open air exhibition of military technical equipment and weapons, as well as Serpeni Bridgehead Memorial.

The Center of Military History and Culture has become today a prestigious institution of science and culture by organizing permanent and temporary exhibitions, symposiums, conferences, concerts, and other activities.

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