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The mission of the Ministry of Defense is to develop defense policy, conduct the building and development of the National Army, discover military risks and threats, as well as the needs of the national defense system to protect the security of state. 



The Ministry of Defense exercises authority, direction and control over the main public defense sector through the Central Apparatus and executes political and military management of the National Army through the Main Staff. In case of emergency, siege or war, the Ministry of Defense, as a Government agency, takes all the necessary political, legislative, technical-material, financial and social measures of protection of staff fulfilling military tasks set by the Republic of Moldova President – Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces – for the National Army.
The Ministry of Defense is headed by the Minister of Defense, assigned by Republic of Moldova President in compliance with the legislation in force. The Minister of Defense is in charge of the overall activity of the Ministry within the Government, and as a member of Government – within the Parliament. The Minister of Defense runs the National Army, as well as its units, through the Chief of National Army Main Staff, assigned and dismissed at the Minister’s of Defense request, through Republic of Moldova President’s Decree.



September 12, 1990

The Military State Department was established through Government Decision No.319

September 3, 1991

The Armed Forces of the Republic of Moldova were established through Republic of Moldova President Decree No. 193

February 5, 1992

The Military State Department changed into the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova through Republic of Moldova President Decree No. 19

August 11, 1993

The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova gets the License and the Battle Flag

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