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Sergiu Plop

State Secretary in the field of national defense system resources, human resources development and military education

Date of birth:

June 14, 1973

Place of birth:

Carabetovca village, Basarabeasca district




1990 — Middle school from Carabetovca village, Basarabeasca district;

1995 — Military Institute of Artillery and Topogeodesy, Sibiu, Romania;

2006 — Air Command and Staff College, Montgomery, Alabama, USA;

2008 — Higher Command Studies Course, Baltic Defense College, Tartu, Estonia;

2015 — Academy of Public Administration, Public Administration specialty


1995 −1997 — Platoon commander at the Military College “Alexandru cel Bun”;

1997 −1999 — Company commander at the Military College “Alexandru cel Bun”;

1999 — 2002 — Lecturer, Military Technical Department, Military Institute;

2002 — 2007 — Senior lecturer, Artillery Department of “Alexandru cel Bun” Military Institute;

2007 — Deputy Head of Department, Senior Lecturer, Artillery Department of “Alexandru cel Bun” Military Institute

2007-2009 — Head of the Artillery Department, “Alexandru cel Bun” Military Institute;

2009 — 2011 — Head of Security and Defense Department, head of the command and staff faculty, “Alexandru cel Bun” Military Academy;

2011 — 2015 — Dean of Public Administration faculty, “Alexandru cel Bun” Military Academy;

2015 — 2016 — Dean of Faculty of Military Sciences, “Alexandru cel Bun” Military Academy;

2016 — Administrative Deputy Commander (Vice-Rector), “Alexandru cel Bun” Military Academy of the Armed Forces;

2016 — 2020 Commander (rector) of the Military Academy of the Armed Forces “Alexandru cel Bun”;

2017 — National Defense College, Bucharest, Romania

2021 — Head of the Operational Management Department, Agency for Military Science and Memory;

August 2021 — appointed as State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense;

Foreign languages:

English, Russian

Marital Status:

Married, has a child


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