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Directorate of human resources policies


The human resources policy department has the mission of contributing to the achievement of the objectives and strategic directions of the Ministry of Defense by developing, promoting and monitoring the implementation within the National Army, authorities and institutions under the ministry of public policies and regulations regarding the development of human resources and military education

Contact details: tel. (022) 25-23-22

Areas of activity of the subdivision:

Human resources policy department: initiates, elaborates, coordinates, promotes and monitors the implementation of public policies and normative acts in the field of human resources development, education in the military field, social protection of military personnel and members of their families, professional reconversion and social adaptation of military personnel; adapt the policies and normative acts in the field of human resources development in accordance with the promoted state policies regarding the social protection of war veterans and reservists, non-discrimination and ensuring gender equality, human rights, heraldry, diaspora and migration; provides specialized expertise in the approval process of draft policy documents and normative acts relevant to the areas of competence of the Ministry of Defense, developed by other authorities of the central public administration and submitted for examination within the directorate; provides informational and methodological assistance in areas of competence; ensures decision-making transparency and public consultation of draft decisions developed within the department.

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