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Public policy coordination and European integration section


The public policy coordination and European integration section ensures the process of elaboration, monitoring and evaluation of public policy documents and planning documents, in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of public policies and ensure the alignment of sectoral policies with the standards and requirements of accession to the European Union in the fields of activity assigned to the Ministry of Defense.

Contact details: tel. (022) 25-20-77

Areas of activity of the subdivision:

1) Coordinating and providing methodological support related to the process of elaboration by the structural subdivisions of the central apparatus of the ministry of public policy documents, according to the fields of activity and functions assigned to the competence of the ministry;

2) Coordinating the process of developing public policies in accordance with the acquis of the European Union and monitoring the implementation of the requirements for joining the European Union;

3) Ensuring and coordinating the monitoring and evaluation process of public policy documents and planning documents;

4) Ensuring the examination of the conclusions/recommendations from the evaluations/analyses of the impact of public policy documents developed according to the fields of activity assigned to the competence of the ministry and their integration, as appropriate, in the next cycle of modification/development of the public policy framework;

5) Coordination and monitoring of compliance with the principles of transparency in the decision-making process within the ministry

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