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Institutional Management Directorate


The mission of the Institutional Management Directorate is to ensure the coordination of the activity of support subdivisions within the Ministry's central office in the areas of responsibility, to contribute to the effective implementation of policies and to ensure an efficient management in the legal, financial, information technology, document management, human resources and information and communication with the media, as well as to submit proposals that provide effective solutions in the fields of competence.

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Institutional Management Division is an internal subdivision within the central office of the Ministry of Defense, which ensures the achievement of the mission and main tasks in the areas of activity assigned to it. The Directorate works in collaboration with the internal subdivisions of the central office of the Ministry of Defense, the subdivisions of the National Army and the institutions subordinated to the Ministry.

Directorate performs its tasks in the following areas:

1) legal support for the activity of the Ministry of Defense;

2) representing the interests of the Ministry in civilian courts;

3) the financial guarantees for military and public servants within the central office of the Ministry of Defense;

4) budget planning for central office of the Ministry;

5) management of the Ministry’s documents;

6) management and implementation of IT policies and strategies, as well as monitoring IT projects;

7) implementation of an efficient management of the human resources within the central office of the Ministry of Defense;

8) public information;

9) communication with the media.

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