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Military Engineers (EOD) Required in Orhei and Nisporeni

CHISINAU, June 25, 2012 — National Army Engineers (EOD) liquidated an explosive device today in a well from Grozesti village, Nisporeni.

The explosive was discovered by two citizens of Grozesti village while building a well. They announced the police and the EOD team of Codru EOD Battalion from Negresti about the finding.

According to the leader of the EOD team, Capt. Gheorghe Racu, a Soviet 88 mm grenade launcher was discovered and destroyed.

The same day, the National Army Engineers (EOD) did some mine disposal works in Poharniceni village, Orhei. A citizen of the village discovered an explosive device in his garden while processing the land.

According to LTC Mihail Semionov, EOD Commander of the National Army, in June, the engineers were engaged in 17 mine disposal missions in Anenii Noi, Causeni, Stefan Voda, Orhei and Straseni districts and liquidated 36 explosive devices such as: artillery projectiles, infantry mines, anti-personnel mines and a 50 kg air bomb.

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