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National Army Soldiers Take the Oath of Enlistment

Chisinau, November 21, 2014 — Over 500 soldiers, graduates of the initial military training course, took the oath of enlistment, within a ceremony held at Military Compound 142 in Chisinau. The event was attended by MPs, leaders of National Army Main Staff, unit commanders, parents and soldiers’ relatives.

Chief of Main Staff, National Army Commander, Brigadier Gen. Igor Gorgan, congratulated the 550 soldiers, on the most important moment of their military life. “The oath to the Motherland is a new stage of your life including 11 months of military training that require physical, psychological and intellectual capabilities. I call you to fulfill your duties with honor, to respect the military discipline and be proud of the fact you are wearing the military uniform”, the National Army Commander said.

According to Chief of Military Compound 142, LTC Adrian Balan, the soldiers that took the oath were enlisted in the National Army in October and attended a four-week basic training course.

The quoted source specified that they studied tactical training techniques, square-bashing, military regulations, physical training and other subjects.

After the ceremony, the soldiers were given a four-day leave. As soon as they come back, they will be sent to National Army units.

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