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National Army Service Members Get Military Housing for the First Time

CHISINAU, February 19, 2016 — Today, for the first time, the National Army was offered 111 apartments for the active duty service members from Chisinau garrison. On this occasion, Minister of Defense Anatol Salaru handed the apartment keys to the service members’ families, within an event held at the housing complex on Vasile Lupu Street, Buiucani sector.

Anatol Salaru mentioned that this is the first project designed to provide National Army active duty service members with housing. “I hope that you will enjoy living in these apartments and will take care of them the way you are taking care of your families, as after you will move to your own houses, these apartments will be given to other service members in need of living space”, said the Minister of Defense.

Minister Salaru highlighted the importance of this project for the National Army staff. “By ensuring housing to our service members, we establish decent living conditions for army officers and NCOs, motivating them to remain in the National Army and not to go abroad in search of a job. Thus, we will improve the quality and attractiveness of the contract-based military service”, stated Anatol Salaru.

According to Chief of Facilities Management Department of the Ministry of Defense, Col. Sergiu Voinu, the construction of the building was started in 2014 by Astercon Construction Company.

The source specified that the building was inaugurated at the beginning of 2016 and has 1, 2, or 3 room apartments of 33 to 75 square meters. “Each apartment is finished and has all the necessary facilities, including bathroom facilities, meters, private heating boilers, stoves”, mentioned Col. Voinu.

The Chief of Facilities Management Department specified that the army housing was offered to service members based on Law No. 75 as of 04.30.2015 regarding housing (http://lex.justice.md/md/358764/), as well as based on Government Decision No. 874 as of 12.22.2015.

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