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The Minister of Defense inspected the renovation works in the Military Camp 142

CHISINAU, October 31, 2019 - Minister of Defense Pavel Voicu, together with the Commander of the National Army, Brigadier General Igor Gorgan, today paid an inspection visit to military camp 142 in Chisinau, to check the status of infrastructure repair and renovation works and military techniques.

Thus, the officials, together with the soldiers from the responsible subdivisions, visited the car park and the technical parking places, the ammunition testing laboratory, the sports complex, the cultural-educational center and the portion of land destined for the construction of the Military Camp stadium.

Pavel Voicu and General Igor Gorgan also checked the renovation of the 22nd Peacekeeping Battalion and the "Fulger" Special Purpose Battalion.

In this regard, the Minister of Defense appreciated the quality of the repair works and the promptness with which they were executed since his last inspection visit to Camp 142. "I am glad that the workers are making efforts to complete the works as soon as possible.Certainly, their quality will be high, because only modern building materials are used in repairs. We have found that many of the shortcomings and problems we have previously identified have been removed or resolved. I want the military to benefit from better working conditions so that they can carry out their missions at the level, and I will return with other inspections to monitor and further document the situation on the construction sites, "said Pavel. Voicu.

Pavel Voicu also mentioned the progress and positive changes in the repair of military equipment and rooms intended for its stationing, but also in the cultural-educational center of the unit, where roof renovation works, change of engineering networks and thermal insulation, installation of new fire protection systems. "During my first visit to this center, I discovered a disaster, the building had not been repaired for more than 30 years. Today, I am convinced that through effort, initiative and efficient management of financial resources, anything is possible. The wiring was changed, the roof and the sanitary blocks were repaired, and the walls were consolidated and thermally insulated", added Minister Voicu.

During the inspection, Pavel Voicu became acquainted with the latest acquisitions of sports inventory for the halls of the sports complex of the Camp, repaired at the initiative of his predecessor, which is to be put into operation in the near future. The minister also visited the basement of the building, where water filtration and heating systems are installed for the 25-meter-long basin inside the complex.

At the same time, in the attention of the Minister of Defense was the land destined for the construction of the stadium in Tabara, where ground leveling works have already been carried out.

At the end of the visit, Pavel Voicu concluded that the repair and renovation of the Military Camp are carried out in accordance with the previous indications, and the financial means allocated to them are used without violations.

Minister Voicu ordered the further mobilization of workers and specialists from the structures responsible for improving the infrastructure, but also the timely repair of the plateau and other objectives that are on the territory of the Camp.

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