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Military departments activity was discussed at the National Council of Rectors

Chisinau, January 24th, 2013 — the Minister of Defense, Vitalie Marinuţa attended yesterday, January 23rd, the meeting of the National Council of Rectors, held at the Technical University of Moldova and criticized the military departments activity.

Several aspects of higher education in the country were addressed at the meeting. At the same time, discussions have focused on the activity of military departments within the universities and colleges in the Republic of Moldova. In this context, the Minister of Defense criticized the military departments’ activity, namely, the quality of training, the material and technical basis and methodological instructions of the old model. Vitalie Marinuţa said that the specialists from the National Army conducted a thorough check of the military departments and developed some proposals in order to revise and reform the educational process, so that it can meet the needs of the citizens of Moldova preparation for homeland defense and the active reserve of the National Army.

In addition, the minister Marinuţa underlined the need of efficient cooperation of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Defense with higher education institutions, for the purpose of military-patriotic education of youth.

In his turn, the academician Ion Bostan, the president of the National Council of Rectors, said that the initiative of the MoD to review the training to military departments is necessary, noting that the reform in this area should be carried out with the support of higher education institutions. Ion Bostan appreciated the contribution of the military departments to the military-patriotic education of youth.

Currently, 12 military departments activat in Moldova, which train students in two stages, with a duration of three months each.

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